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A Leftover & An Unused Intermission

Two videos that were uploaded as individual videos not included in one of the episodes of "HMTWTS?" starring Tilt Longtail

Shoe Striptease originally an intermission for an unreleased episode which tallies up the many times tilt showed his paws in his video "Toast-O-Rama".

The Unreleased Episode of "HMTWTS?": "Toast-O-Rama"
Check out the complete first season of my Vimeo Tallying Series, "How Many Times Were They Shown?", Starring Wilson T. Longtail and his lovely cheetah paws.

Episode 1: Tilt Longtail's MFF 2013 Con Report

Episode 2: Storytime with Tilt Longtail (How I Joined the Furry Fandom)

Episode 3: The Detention Club (Greifer Edition)

Episode 4: Tilt Longtail's AC 2014 Con Report

Episode 5: Tilt Longtail's Random Video 2014

Episode 6: Tilt Longtail's 10 Year Anniversary Video

RIP Earful Tower

I heard that last thursday this week, Disney Hollywood Studios tore down its "Iconic" water tower, The Earful Tower, after 27 years.

It's not fair, Whenever I think of that park in the WDW Resort, I think of nothing else but the Earful Tower, just absolutely wrong for them to tore it down unless they were planning to put it somewhere else in the park but otherwise, just WRONG

no title

Well bye bye Iconic water tower of DHS, I'll miss you a LOT!
RIP 1989-2016


feeling sad and moody

Somehow whenever I finish watching a livestream, I tend to feel moody and sad like I was never there on livestream at all and was invisible all throughout the stream.

It would make me feel better if someone who's still awake at this time, would talk to me for a little while until I feel better

near-tragic accident

While I was heading home from work at night, I noticed a cat was running across the road and we slowed down. Unfortunately the driver in the other car didn't notice and kept on driving and ran over the cat, I don't know if the driver is dumb, drunk, or wanted to kill the cat, but it was a painful experience and I hope the myth about cats having 9 lives is true.

It could've been my cat, Arthur, that got ran over but thank god it wasn't my cat.